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Photologue 3.9 released

21 Apr 2019

Today we're releasing Django Photologue 3.9. The changes in this version are:

  • Fixes when file doesn't exist in the file system but still is in S3.
  • Doc tweaks - and added a page on how to actually use Photologue!
  • Make setup compatible with latest version of pip.
  • Checked compatibility with Django 2.1 and Python 3.7.
  • Updated translations for Catalan and Basque.
  • Missed a Django migration (issue #194).
  • Test Tox; integrate with Travis and Coveralls.
  • Removed old code (old-style demo templates that have been deprecated since 2014).
  • Removed old code (old views that have been deprecated since 2014).
  • Removed all references to PIL (which hasn't been updated since 2009). I think that by now there are no servers left anywhere in the world that still use it :-)

As usual, my thanks go to all the contributors who help fix and improve Photologue.