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Photologue 3.1 released

3 Nov 2014

Today I am very pleased to announce that django-photologue 3.1 is released and available for immediate download from the Python Package Index (PyPI).

The main change in this version is that the bulk upload facility has been moved to its own custom page in the django admin - previously its relied on a fake table to work. This 'feature' dated back to before the Django admin added support for custom page, and I am very glad to get rid of it!

The bulk upload can now be accessed from the Photo changelist page.

Additionally, a number of bugs have been fixed.

This release follows quite soon after release 3.0. This is because I was able to work on it during a coding sprint at Pyconfr, during which Pierre Bousquié got involved and fixed a couple of longstanding bugs - many thanks for his contributions.

The full changelog follows:

  • The 'zip upload' functionality has been moved to a custom admin page.
  • Refactor add_accessor_methods to be lazily applied (see #110).
  • Updated German translation.
  • Several improvements to the sample Bootstrap templates.
  • Support CACHEDIR.TAG spec issue #89
  • Fix issue #99 by adding 10 extra char to photo title(max gallery size up to 999999999 images)
  • Sitemap.xml was not aware of Sites (#104).
  • In python 3, gallery upload would crash if uploaded file was not a zip file (#106).

Photologue 3.0.2 released

24 Sep 2014

Good news: we can now use the latest release of django-sortedm2m, which fixes the bug on PostgreSQL mentioned in the previous post.

Photologue 3.0 released

18 Sep 2014

Today I am very pleased to announce that django-photologue 3.0.1 is released and available for immediate download from the Python Package Index (PyPI).

This version introduces several backwards-incompatible changes. UPGRADE WITH CAUTION!

The release of Django 1.7 came with a built-in migrations framework (in replacement of South). This was a big backwards-incompatible change for photologue. I then took this opportunity to introduce several other changes, that hopefully will help improve this package!

As usual, I extend my thanks and gratitude to all the people who have contributed code, translations, bug reports & any kind of help and support to make this package better.

Here is the full changelog:

Upgrade notes:


pip install -e git://


  • Django 1.7 comes with a new migrations framework which replaces South - if you continue to use Django 1.6, you'll need to add new settings. Please refer in the docs to the installation instructions. If you're upgrading to Django 1.7 - upgrade Photologue first, THEN upgrade Django.
  • The Twitter-Bootstrap templates - previously in 'contrib' - become the default; the previous templates are moved to 'contrib'.
  • The django-tagging library is no longer maintained by its author. As a consequence, it has been disabled - see the docs for more information (page
  • Support for Django 1.4 and 1.5 has been dropped (Photologue depends on django-sortedm2m, which has dropped support for 1.4; and Django 1.5 is no longer supported).
  • PHOTOLOGUE_USE_CKEDITOR has been removed.
  • Many urls have been renamed; photologue urls now go into their own namespace. See the file for all the changes.

Other changes:

  • Support for Amazon S3 to store images (thank you Celia Oakley!).
  • List views have changed urls: instead of /page/<n>/, we now have a /?page=<n> pattern. This is a more common style, and allows us to simplify template code e.g. paginators!
  • date_taken field not correctly handled during single photo upload (#80).
  • Removed deprecated PhotologueSitemap.
  • Gallery zip uploads would fail if the title contained unicode characters.
  • Gallery-uploads: Do not require title for uploading to existing gallery (#98).
  • The Photologue urls used to use names for months; this has been changed to using numbers, which is better for non-English websites (#101).

Welcome to the demo website

10 Sep 2014

I have set up this website as a quick demo of the django-photologue package. The templates used are those included in Photologue 3.0, so they should give you a good idea of what Photologue does 'out of the box'.

You can log in to the admin, add new photos and galleries, and generally play around with data.

Note: the database gets reset every few hours!

For now, this website is running against the 'master' branch of Photologue - in the next week or two, I will release Photologue 3.0 and update this website to use it.